Biological Restoration Methods report

We have added a new page to the blog. This page will host useful written reports and other information related to productive land management and repair, and to other topics of general relevance to Flood Creek Non-Nativist Landcare.

The first of these reports has been generously provided to us by Mari Korhonen who lived and worked in our region for several years, learning from a number of experienced land managers. The report provides a useful overview of historic stream degradation in southeast Australia, outlines some of the processes involved and discusses practical biological restoration methods.  

Mari is an environmental engineer from Finland. She spent a couple of winters at Reidsdale, NSW. Among other landscape projects, she pretty well single-handedly planting a Dehesa of 2000 oaks. Mari has kindly provided us with this thesis which she wrote to report on theoretical and practical restoration research conducted during her time here in Australia. Mari advises she has since experienced and learnt a lot more which could be added to this work. Even so the report provides plenty of insights into issues and responses often not considered by local NRMs.

Mari Korhonen: Landscape degradation and watershed incision in Australia: overview on biological restoration methods – Southern Highlands, New South Wales


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