Two new Natural Sequence training workshops in 2015

Following up on our recent post by Peter Hazell regarding the Mulloon Community Catchment Rehydration project, we’ve received notice of a new series of training workshops being conducted by Tarwyn Park Training later this year. Many of us involved in the Flood Creek Non-Nativist Landcare Group have learnt a great deal from the work of Peter Andrews and his ‘Natural Sequence Farming’ approach to landscape management. Considering the interest generated by the previous post we’re publishing this notice from Tarwyn Park Training for readers of the blog to consider.

Enlightened landcarers everywhere take note:

Tarwyn Park Training will be running two 5-day courses in 2015. The purpose of this new format is to provide participants with the opportunity to access key knowledge & skills associated with Natural Sequence Farming. Course participants will be provided with:

  • Theory – Key knowledge and a skills-based understanding of the natural eco-efficiencies operating in the unique Australian environment.
  • Practical Application – how to incorporate and apply this knowledge and skills into a new eco-synthesis of sustainable farming.
Tarwyn Park Training

Tarwyn Park Training uses a simple approach to learning, based on the principle of ‘Learning by Doing.’

Practical Field Experience:

Participants will learn how to read and identify unique features of the Australian landscape and will come to understand:

  • recharge & discharge areas;
  • de-energising streams and accumulating water;
  • aggrading farmland;
  • moving & building fertility using only plants & gravity;
  • creating natural contours;
  • preventing salinity;
  • stopping & preventing gully & stream erosion;
  • and managing livestock for sound economic & environmental outcomes.

Build your farming system naturally with sunlight, plants, air, water and gravity. Restore landscapes by understanding how re-hydration affects water tables, regrowth & fertility levels.

Course Dates:

Autumn Course: May 25-29              Applications close on April 30.

Spring Course: November 16-20      Applications close on October 30.


Five day training  & meals is $1480+ GST.


‘Tarwyn Park’, Upper Bylong Road, Bylong, NSW.


Available at Tarwyn Park on a first in basis, otherwise accommodation may be had nearby, in Bylong or Rylstone, NSW.  Cost onsite is $70+ GST per night.


Please contact Duane Norris to register at for an enrolment form and a full information pack.

Course presenters:

Stuart Andrews

Stuart Andrews, Principal TPT

Gwyn Jones

Gwyn Jones, Facilitator TPT

Duane Norris

Duane Norris, Co-ordinator TPT


Untitled-1 copy

Peter Andrews, OAM, is acknowledged as the founder of Natural Sequence Farming and TPT are indebted to him for bringing this information into the public domain.

Tarwyn Park – ‘the best classroom in the world’.

2 responses to “Two new Natural Sequence training workshops in 2015

  1. Many thanks Ben for posting this…..this is a skills based course where participants learn by doing. The condensed 5 day course aims to give practical working insights of the natural efficiences that once operated in the unique Australian ecosystem.

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