Willow management

One response to “Willow management

  1. Bravo Ben ,

    A splendid initiative .

    Lately I have taken to driving into Canberra from the Goulburn side .
    Entering from Queanbeyan , Airport , Duntroon road is a deeply unhappy experience .
    My mind just can’t help but to extrapolate the frightful damage done by the Gov funded Willow War . How many running miles of setback like this has been inflicted across ACT and NSW , is any one keeping figures ?
    Through the decades we happily kayaked Lake Burley Griffin we never heard of Blue Green algae .
    Now the willow root plates have rotted ,banks are breaking down and thousands of tons of soil , debris and nutrients are mobile again . Pretty obvious what is stimulating toxic algae outbreaks .
    Shading gone . They didn’t even leave logs or snags as wildlife cover . Dragged the logs away away at more expense to be burnt ( damn the CO2 , willows must be nastier than a warming climate ) .
    Or piled without attention to water levels and washed into the lake in the next flood .
    Ivy , Hawthorn , Privet and Blackberries are predictably exploding across the disturbed sites . Bird spread at speed .
    I wonder if recent fish kills might be due to Glyphosate and Simazine spray drift and herbicide bonded to soil particles ? Haven’t seen a better explanation from the authorities .

    Recently I had the cheek to write to ACT Chief Minister . Requested access to a few hundred yards of river frontage as a demonstration and research site . Could manage willow gallery forest as a positive tool to accelerate succession back to native gallery forest .
    No reply as yet .

    Thanks again
    Peter Marshall

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