This page will host an evolving and expanding collection of links that Non-Nativist Landcarers might find interesting.

First up, Angela Moles at TEDxSydney 2012 explains how introduced species will eventually evolve into endemic Australians and we’ll probably want to start protecting them.

Some useful information and discussion around willow removal hosted by David Holmgren’s ‘Holmgren Design Services’ website. The first gives an insight into an episode of willow destruction events that occurred in Spring Creek near Hepburn, VIC from 2005. Also there’s a pamphlet that briefly outlines some of the benefits associated with naturalised willows and some of the damage caused by removal programs.  A more in-depth discussion about willows in agricultural landscapes is provided here.

There’s a whole series of great little youtube videos of interviews with Peter Andrews (originator of Natural Sequence Farming) created by Paul Cockram and Martin Royds. They cover quite a bit of Peter Andrews’ enlightened perspectives on weeds, among other things, this one will get you started.

The Mulloon Institute website has a page that discusses the Natural Sequence Farming research being done at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. They also have a copy of Dr Michael Wilson’s paper titled ‘Willows Weeds of Retention’ available for download.

Deborah Bird Rose, the preeminent Australian environmental philosopher has written a very stimulating blog post titled ‘how to love a pest‘.  It certainly raises some interesting questions around “death work” and the way that we deny the right to existence of any being unfortunate enough to be designated as a pest.

Dr Christian Kull provides some ‘reflections on invasion biology’.

‘Death of a Million Trees’ is a well-developed site with plenty to provoke thought. Take this post for example on the need for some species to move outside of their ‘natural’ range to cope with climate change.

More links over time…..

3 responses to “Links

  1. Your readers might be interested this website done by a fellow Australian on a closely related topic: I’ve watched a lecture by the author, Arian Wallach. I think she has some excellent ideas. She also has a Facebook page and posts some interesting articles about the lectures she is giving all over the world.

    • Thanks for this Millie, you’re absolutely right. I spoke with Arian recently about the work she is doing and about her background and approach. She was really happy to know that there are Landcarers like us thinking outside the box of conventional pest and weed control in Australia. In the same way I was delighted to find an intelligent, conscientious and open-minded ecologist like her taking a functional and ethical approach to the landscape. I’m hoping to share some of her work through our blog shortly (barely time to scratch myself at present). I look forward to a time when there are more intelligent scientists like Arian informing our approaches to land management and interaction with other species here in Australia and worldwide.

      • Great! So glad to hear you have connected w/ Arian. We are developing an international network that is getting bigger by the day. Which reminds me to congratulate you on how quickly you are increasing the number of subscribers. Very impressive.

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