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Retarding Australia to an ecological nonsense

It will no doubt become a recurring theme of Flood Creek Non-Nativist Landcare to point out the limited perspectives informing destructive nativist activities in Australia (and elsewhere). These perspectives are dominated by such a narrow form of Ecology that they are effectively a reductionist science (anathema to a broader Ecological epistemology and understanding).

‘Natural Ecology’, as it’s widely practiced by professional and lay-ecologists in environmental groups and NRM bureaucracies, has become simply a “science” of naming, categorising, and compiling inventories, of species. So much so that these preoccupations often substitute for any real knowledge of how bio-physical systems actually function.

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So willows cause flooding on floodplains?

All over the internet you can read about how willows cause increased flooding. For a sample, just try here:

“…..the trees are a menace and cause flooding….”

or here:

“They form thickets which divert water outside the main watercourse or channel, causing flooding…..”

or here:

“…..willows form thickets which can cause floods and erode vulnerable banks, especially on flood plain areas.” (my emphasis)

Although some of us hold to the peculiar idea that climate extremes (especially high rainfall periods) have something to do with it, according to anti-willow literature, it is willows that cause flooding. Continue reading

Nativist affronts to logic: they’re everywhere

No one should have to read this stuff (though it is everywhere and very hard to avoid), but if you are going to read it you should be made to practice critical thinking throughout. Then again, this could just make it painful for you. Non-critical thinking is so much easier; no jarring thoughts, no need to employ logic, just a comforting background hum of soothing ideology. Continue reading