Useful Publications

This page provides a repository of publications likely to be of interest and use to Landcarers and other Land Managers in the southeast region and beyond. It will continue to be added to into the future.

Professor Haikai Tane: The Crucial Roles of Willows in Sustainable River Management.

This is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to explore the reality of willows within an ecological-thinking perspective (as opposed to a reductively-compartmentalised nativist one). The research presented is mainly based on a New Zealand environmental context, but there are obvious parallels with the Australian situation. There is ample food for thought for Landcarers here.

Mari Korhonen: Landscape degradation and watershed incision in Australia: overview on biological restoration methods – Southern Highlands, New South Wales

Miss Mari Korhonen is an environmental engineer from Finland. Mari spent a couple of winters at Reidsdale, NSW. Among other landscape projects, she pretty well single-handedly planting a Dehesa of 2000 oaks. Mari has kindly provided us with this thesis which she wrote to report on theoretical and practical restoration research conducted during her time here in Australia. Mari advises she has since experienced and learnt a lot more which could be added to this work. Even so the report provides plenty of insights into issues and responses often not considered by local NRMs.

Bruce Radke: Filters and Funnels: A survey of stream degradation in the Upper Shoalhaven and Upper Deua Catchments.

In 2002-3 Bruce Radke (a local geologist and sculptor) completed a comprehensive field survey and wrote this report into stream degradation in the Upper Shoalhaven and Upper Deua catchments. This study was commissioned by the Upper-Shoalhaven Landcare Council. It contains a great deal of geological and geomorphological information for the catchments in question as well as a list of previous riparian stabilisation works and other information. This report also contains the notable statistic that of all naturally stabilised ‘nick-points’ identified, 79% were stabilised by willows! 

Paul Nanninga, Paul Dann and Haikai Tane 1994, ‘Exotics versus Natives: Why not both?’, in M.A. Scheltema (ed.), A vision for a greener city : the role of vegetation in urban environments, proceedings of the 1994 National Greening Australia Conference, October 4, 5 & 6, Fremantle, Western Australia.

A pioneering work on the topic of nativism and its more realistic and pragmatic alternatives. Written for and presented at the 1994 Greening Australia conference, it is still razor sharp and pertinent to an enlightened perspective on practical landcare engagement.


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